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MS diagnosed ex-pilot has been in prison for 6 years

The rule of law and respect for human rights are increasingly severely undermined and restricted in Turkey, The rule of law is a cornerstone of ensuring respect for and protecting human rights. 

The people in Turkey are facing serious problems in their everyday lives. There are threats to all human rights: individual freedoms are cramped, equality is denied, freedom of expression and media freedom are severely constrained, the independence and integrity of courts is under attack, and minorities are further marginalized and stigmatized just because of who they are.

Above picture belongs to Mehmet Gurler, a former Airforce Pilot who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He is in prison for 6 years. His prison conditions are not enough to support his everyday activities, and he needs support from his fellow inmates as he struggles to carry out his daily routine. He is not receiving timely medical attention due to the scarcity of medicines prescribed for his disease.

It is crucial that he be released from the jail due to his severe health condition so that he can receive the medical care he requires, and have a chance at improving the quality of his life.

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