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Urgent Concerns Regarding the Detention of Human Rights Defender Anon Nampa in Thailand

We are deeply concerned about the continued detention of human rights defender and pro-democracy activist Anon Nampa in Bangkok Remand Prison. Despite his peaceful advocacy for social welfare, democracy, justice, rule of law, and human rights, Anon Nampa has been subjected to two prison sentences and faces multiple further charges that could result in several decades of imprisonment. Additionally, authorities have denied him the right to bail, further restricting his fundamental rights.

Anon Nampa has been a vocal advocate for human rights, political reform, and social justice for many years, engaging in peaceful protests and providing free legal assistance to individuals facing criminal charges. As a lawyer and activist, he has worked tirelessly alongside civil society members to monitor and peacefully resist official repression.

The response from Thai authorities to his activism has been concerning, with multiple criminal proceedings, fines, prolonged pre-trial detention, and restrictive bail conditions imposed on Anon Nampa. Notably, he holds the second highest number of charges under the law among protest leaders, with eleven criminal proceedings initiated against him during the military government’s rule between 2014 and 2019.

Despite these challenges, Anon Nampa’s unwavering dedication to human rights was recognized when he received the Gwangju 2021 Prize for Human Rights in 2021. He also played a pivotal role in co-founding the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, an organization dedicated to defending activists facing charges for peaceful protest and freedom of expression, as well as monitoring human rights violations following the 2014 coup. Their exemplary work was acknowledged by the Clooney Foundation with the Justice for Democracy Defenders Award in September 2023.

In light of the above, we  the RIGHTDEFERNDERS urgently request the immediate release of Anon Nampa. It is imperative that he is granted the freedom to continue his essential human rights work and advocacy for the betterment of Thai society. We urge the authorities to ensure his safety, well-being, and fundamental rights, and to uphold their obligations to protect human rights defenders.