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Critical Need for Action: Human Rights Violations in Guinea

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Members of the security forces enjoy almost total impunity for the excessive use of force and other human rights abuses. With occasional exceptions, the government does not sufficiently investigate, prosecute, or punish government officials who committed abuses, either in the security forces or in other parts of government. Interference with the freedom of peaceful assembly; restrictions on freedom of movement is a common practice by security forces in Guinea.  During protests, law enforcement’s use of excessive force has resulted in numerous fatalities and severe injuries among demonstrators and onlookers. A significant portion of those harmed are young individuals whose lives have been irrevocably altered, desperately seeking to recover from the enduring impact of their injuries.

Tragically, some individuals have lost their lives due to the absence of adequate healthcare access or the financial means to seek treatment. Several poignant cases highlight the profound repercussions of these human rights violations:

  • Amadou, 25, has been reliant on crutches since sustaining a gunshot injury, facing ongoing challenges in obtaining necessary medical care due to financial constraints.
  • Boubacar, 27, underwent multiple surgeries and continues to endure chronic pain after losing an eye to gunfire during the protests.
  • Thierno, 20, underwent a leg amputation following a shooting incident, due to a lack of timely treatment and subsequent severe infections.
  • Aicha, a teenager, sustained a serious injury after being struck by a stray bullet at home, enduring a prolonged wait for medical treatment.
  • Elhadj, 20, lost an eye to a tear gas canister and had to halt his studies and treatment due to financial constraints.
  • Alpha, 26, suffers from frequent seizures and requires constant care after being injured during the protests.
  • Amadou, 18, lost a foot due to gunshot wounds and late treatment, devastating his life and aspirations.

These heart-rending accounts represent only a fraction of those enduring lasting consequences from the protests. Urgently, the Guinean authorities must ensure free and unconditional access to adequate medical care for victims of these human rights violations. The victims and their families deserve justice, reparations, and fair compensation.

Rights Defenders calls upon the Guinean authorities to uphold international human rights standards and ensure the protection and accountability of all individuals, emphasizing the imperative need to respect and safeguard the fundamental rights of the people of Guinea. Rights Defenders also intensely condemn the murdering of protesters and the prevailing culture of impunity in Guinea.


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